If you have not been to an event, or had an event with Canadian Specialty Exotics you NEED to! Johnny & Rob are full of all the info you need! Love how passionate they are, and believe me they will help you with ANY phobia`s you may have. Keep up the amazing work guys!

April Dees – Manager of Pet Valu Westminster

Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, honest and professional. They produce outstanding, top quality animals, and it’s apparent that the well being of every creature under their care, as well as those going to their new homes, is of utmost importance. An absolute pleasure to deal with, and will gladly do so again for future transactions!

Danielle Lembke

Rob and Johnny are both incredible guys who have done so much to help me with my snakes, basically keeping one terribly ill snake alive. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for these guys 🙂 best snake guys around by far, will never buy anywhere else!!

Sarah Morris

Both my boys had birthday parties, each child at the party had lots of time to hold and touch the snakes as we all learned a lot. John was great with the kids and all of the questions they had. All the kids said it was the best party!!!

Jill McGraw

Great guys, FANTASTIC service, very caring about their animals. I bought my first ball python from them, and will definitely be coming back in the future! I haven’t met Rob, but Johnny was very professional. He answered all my questions enthusiastically, even though I’m sure he has answered the same ones a billion times! Great job, gentlemen.

Courtney Bezaire

An Amazing party…. my son loved it as did all of his friends and the adults. As an educator I loved the knowledge they gave the children while they got to hold each and every reptile. I would highly recommend them for any party or a school event! Thanks Johnny and Rob for an awesome day!

Cindy Lee Mickle – Grade 3 Teacher at Anderdon Public School

Superb quality animals that are only surpassed by their unparalleled customer service. They truly go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. I couldn’t say enough good things about Johnny and Rob!

Ian Woodrow

I love your caring and consistent service! Great job! I love my sugar glider…. he is pleasant and quite the welcome addition to my little farm. I will continue to use your professional service. Have a great day!

Dawn Robertson

Amazing customer support, very great experience all in all. Received my snake in perfect healthy condition. Couldn’t have asked for any better. Absolutely amazing. Definitely getting my next snake from CSE for sure. I highly recommend them.

Bradley Oxford

Fabulous way to celebrate a birthday for both kids and adults. The range of animals is fabulous and Johnny, Rob and Sherri are so knowledgeable and respectful of both the animals and the audience.

Allison Davidson Hawkins – Partner at Hawkins and Co. Professional Accounting Corp.

The team at Canadian Specialty Exotics have always provided top quality animals and service. It’s great to work with people who are truly passionate about what they do.

Jennifer Svensson – Owner of Kingsville Pet Supply

These guys are awesome…. First time I met them was at a show at Pet Valu. I seen the flyer on the door and I just had to go…. I got a hold of Johnny and told him I was looking for a few leopard geckos and bam just like that he had a list of morphs and prices, and they have helped me learn about new things I don’t know a lot about. They are just great people and would recommend them to anyone looking for reptiles or anything exotic…. Thanks again guys

Den Neil

I just recently met Johnny and Rob at an event. I have always had my own opinions of snakes and spiders. After talking to them about my feelings, I found I really knew nothing at all. In no time at all I was holding the snakes and even had a favourite. Now I just want to learn more about these misunderstood animals. Johnny also had a tarantula there and that took me a while to do. But Johnny showed me how to hold it and guess what I did it haha. Great experience if you get a chance look them up. I think they do all sorts of events. Thanks guys can hardly wait to see you again.

Terry Pearce – Assistant Manager of Pet Valu LaSalle

We had Johnny and Rob participate in our grand re-opening at Pet Valu in Essex today. The entire experience was simply phenomenal. Not only did they put every person at ease, they managed to get ME, the arachnophobe, to hold a Tarantula AND a very large and lovely Boa. Every customer thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience and learned a ton about snakes, lizards, spiders, turtles and blue tongued skinks. What a fantastic idea for Birthday Parties and other functions! Kids, particularly, would enjoy the cold blooded party guests!

Natalie Gill-Carew – Manager of Pet Valu Essex

I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Canadian Specialty Exotics for generously donating the shed of a Colombian boa constrictor to my class. In grade 4, focussing on Animals and Habitats, many students were interested in various animals, but especially snakes. By having visuals that students could actually interact with, the shed made for many more interesting activities that included measuring, feeling the texture, and understanding the shedding process. This sparked inquisitive minds and led to many more questions and research. One student brought home the shed that had been donated so he could teach his mom more about snakes, and the mother brought up the event at the last parent/ teacher interview. So, I wanted to say thank you again for your generosity and also for helping to answer the questions that I couldn’t.

Andrea Cabel – Elementary School Teacher

Soooooo, I recently purchased a Columbian boa from these guys, and honestly to tell you the God honest truth, I’ve never had the type of service and support from any big box retailers that you will receive from Johnny and Rob!! The customer service experience alone will have you thanking them for being so understanding and awesome!! On top of how knowledgeable and on top of their study they are, you’re not going to receive a pet from a company that’s going to be as amazing and unique as there’s. One more point to add is that you might find a cheaper price for a pet on Kijiji, I’ll admit, but you’ll have no idea what is wrong with that animal or if there’s any diseases or aggression issues, so you’re better off getting a pet that you know will actually be proven an excellent pet for your family, because you won’t have any issue with that. Just want to say thanks again guys for what you did for me and I’ll def be back for feeders and prob more reptiles!!!

Matt Jones

I first dealt with Canadian Specialty Exotics this January when they helped me obtain a bearded dragon. Answered all my questions, and not just at the time of purchase, but over the next few months as well. When I decided that I wanted to buy a snake they were the first people I spoke with. Again, all my questions and concerns were answered and I was left more than satisfied. Both times my pets were healthy, stress free and adjusted well to their new homes. Care was taken to make sure that the animals were feeding and digesting properly before and after I received them. It was very obvious to me that this was more than just a monetary transaction, I was getting an animal that they cared about and were and still are interested in. You will not find a better dealer in specialty exotics and I will definitely be returning here when I decide to expand my collection again.

Chris Doiron

Hey just wanted to drop a bit of feedback for these guys. I first dealt with them the end of January 2013. I had found one of their ads on Kijiji for a Possible Super Salmon Columbian Boa. As it is pretty darn hard to come by these around here I immediately jumped on it. I called them up and got a hold of Rob. Super nice guy answered all my questions and then some. Easy to work with and the best part I feel, is these guys will be brutally honest with you they will never feed you any BS.
He told me she had a bit of aggression in certain situations. He wasn’t afraid of risking the sale. If I had dealt with anyone else I’m sure they would have never told me. So the next day we made the trek to go and have a look at the snake. Boy I wasn’t disappointed. She was gorgeous perfect pattern and the exact pink color. He invited us into his home and sat us down to talk about her and what her needs were. He really wanted to make sure that I knew everything there was to know about her. I had owned Columbians in the past so I was decently educated. Another nice thing was he never pushed anything on me. He suggested a few things but understood it was up to me. It was a fantastic experience. If I buy a snake in the future it will definitely be from these guys again and if you are in the market and these guys have what you’re looking for please consider them hard because it will be your best buying experience to date. Oh before I forget to mention. After you buy anything from these guys they are there any time you need them for support or help. I hope this helps to anyone checking C.S.E. out. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I have nothing but good to say about them.

Michael Cunningham

Great service, spent many months looking for what I wanted. Always kept me updated, were friendly, and extremely quick to ship. Best service I have experienced in the reptile industry so far.

Alyssa Metro

These guys are some of the most caring, friendly & helpful people you will ever WANT to do business with. They went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied. Their #1 concern was making sure the animals arrived alive & well, followed closely by their AMAZING customer service.
On a scale from 1 – 10, I give CSE a 20!! Thanks again guys!

Brittany Smith

Got a beautiful Colombian sunglow boa from this wonderful group of people. What I love and appreciate is the ongoing relationship we have in her care and health. I would recommend them to all, they really do care about you and your purchase. It’s not just about selling something, they do care about you and their animals. Thanks Johnny for going above and beyond the call of duty, you have made my herp experience a great one. Thanks for all the help you’ve given :0)

Nettie Lenore Thompson

These wonderful people helped me reclaim a part of my life tonight. I have had a true spider phobia for most of my life. It took me over an hour to finally hold a tarantula. But they were so patient and caring and walked me through every step of it. It’s something I know my kids and I will never forget.
They were also a wealth of information for our pet tree frog. I know we will be talking to them again in the near future.

Nicole Robinet Reely

This was the most amazing show I have seen! The staff was truly knowledgable about there animals and amazing with EVERYONE, age 6 months to adult! I’d recommend this show to everyone looking for this type of thing

Karie Griffith

Amazing people to work with. Very accommodating. They take pride and joy in what they do and insure their animals are not only well taken care of by socialized and loved unconditionally! Love my link and epona! Very beautiful and healthy babies. I have zero complaints and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new creature !

Krysta Hewitt

I have dealt with CSE both professionally and personally. Communication is amazing and super fast. Prices are fair and quality is above everyone else – especially feeders. I’ve recommended and will continue to do so. Rob has been nothing but fantastic to deal and work with and is quick to do his best to resolve any issues. Hoping for a life long business!

Matt Lutz

Great experience! So many animals, and super informative. Great with children and take great care of the animals. What a great team, and thank you DJ for all the knowledgeable answers to all of my husbands questions. 🙂 Everyone had a great time, and this will be talked about in the classroom for a long time. We just water to say Thankyou for an awesome party, the kids loved it- especially my daughter! Sorry for all the craziness, longest day ever 🙂 But thank you again, we all loved it.

Alena Matos

The mind is an amazing thing. I never fully appreciated the affect fear/phobias have on us. It’s been almost 6 weeks since my little arachnotherapy session. Since then I have not had one incidence of night terrors, sleep walking or sleep talking ( screaming if we’re being honest here). I can’t thank the guys at Canadian specialty exotics enough.

Nicole Robinet Reely

I rarely have come across people like your team in this hobby. Your passion, knowledge and dedication has been a boon to us, as your customers, and the animals you care for and speak for.
It is a pleasure knowing you guys, and seeing your triumphs.

Danielle Lembke